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In the few short years that Excel Robotics have operated in Western Australia, the company has grown from its small beginnings in the wool industry through to major projects for mineral processing industries. The company has developed a reputation for specialist robotic welding; fabricating chassis mounts for utility vehicles, circulation fan suspension devices for underground mining applications, wool presses and sheep shearing apparatus as well as a range of components for mining, automotive and agricultural applications.

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First Australian company

Excel Robotics was the first Australian company to make use of the Bomar bandsaw offered by Haco Australia.

The DGANC individual automatic bandsaw is one of a kind, but comes standard with a double-sided mitre range of -60o to +60o and an impressive feed length of up to 6m. It features a laser sight to detect the end of the material as well as linear guides to ensure stability of the feed-in. The feed-in mechanism is driven by a frequency controlled motor, with a sprocket and gear rack. A large clamp ensures a smooth progression through the saw.

4.500 cuts in 3 days

“We have also reduced the amount of material wasted because the first cut is always correct. With the touchscreen control panel and pre-programming, it is very easy to operate. All our programs are stored on USB sticks, allowing us to swap over product designs quickly and easily. We recently did a cutting job for the Gorgon gas project using the Bomar bandsaw which allowed us to do 4,500 cuts in three days; the client couldn’t believe how quick and accurate the results were.”

Geoff Archer, Haco Australia: “The Bomar bandsaws are usually made to order with the customer selecting the options needed to suit their operation. This particular unit has the heaviest configuration available of up to 6 tonnes on the machine and an impressive feed-in/feed-out length of 18.5m.”

Further growth

The unique features of the Bomar bandsaw have certainly enhanced the productivity and flexibility of Excel Robotics to meet the demands of the West Australian market. The company’s reputation for quality and ability to diversify coupled with the faster turnaround of fabrication will ensure further growth for the company.