Haco Australia

SureFab are a manufacturer of doors and frames for commercial applications in the Canberra region. Principally fire doors, the products are often custom designed to suit a specific application based on industry specfications and regulations. Other applications have included radiation doors for X-ray suites and doors for health care providers that are mindful of patient care.

Typically, most doors are of a standard height at 2.04m, but applications such as hospitals can see doors extend out to 3.6m high by 4m wide – usually as a multi-leaved configuration. Most doors are installed in the building construction stage, but can also be incorporated into renovations or retro-fits.

ERM 30100: the business rapidly expanded its capacity


Two years ago, SureFab bought the Haco ERM30100 CNC pressbrake allowing the company to fold the door frames on site from pre-punched developments. Fast and accurate, the ERM pressbrake and Hacobend software allowed Roy and his team to make the necessary modifications needed for each application. Using lengths of zinc anneal of up to 3m with a gauge thickness between 1.1mm and 1.9mm, the business rapidly expanded its capacity.

The Haco Atlantic Blue Line turret punching machine: a doubling in capacity


Less than a year later, the decision was made to buy the Haco Atlantic Blue Line turret punching machine, enabling the company to gain more independence from the Sydney supplier. The turret puncher is used to manufacture the door development, which incorporates hinge cutouts, door strikes and other custom designs. The result for the company was a doubling in capacity and the ability to undertake orders from a single door frame to major projects.

“The decision by SureFab to purchase the ERM 30100 and later, the Atlantic turret puncher means that they have the tools to be flexible in their capacity – whether it is one door or twenty,” said Haco director, Kurt Bossuyt. “It has been a big step forward for SureFab in a short period of time. The company has been quick to realise the benefits of manufacturing on site and as a result, the business has grown.”

From a middle-man supplier to a fully functioning manufacturing company

“When we made the decision to manufacture on site instead of using kits, we knew very little about what was involved in the actual manufacturing process,” said Mr Woodbury. “The assistance and advice we received from Haco Australia were invaluable – not only did we receive machinery that suited our needs, but also the training to use it proficiently. In a short period of time, we have been able to go from being a middle-man supplier to a fully functioning manufacturing company.”