Haco Australia

This is where Tony Jackson together with Graeme Peterson and the dedicated staff of Jackson & Jackson Metal Products Pty. Ltd. have established a reputation for the highest quality craftsmanship in Stainless Steel Fabrication. When it comes to machinery, they expect the same degree of craftsmanship, quality, accuracy and reliability. As a result they use HACO machinery.

Commercial Kitchen fit-out/building industry

Tony Jackson has been in the sheet metal industry for 25 years. He is dedicated to his trade and expects the same high quality from his staff. Established in 2003 Jackson & Jackson Metal industries Pty.Ltd. are a locally owned and operated business. Mainly servicing the Commercial Kitchen fit-out/building industry and specializing in Stainless steel, both product finish and accuracy are critical. Mr Jackson stated "Jackson & Jackson Metal Industries' reputation is built on getting it right."


"Our customers are regional local businesses and individuals with different and sometimes unique requirements. This means we need to be versatile and innovative in how we do things, our machinery and equipment must be able to adapt to keep up" states Mr Jackson "Commercial Kitchen fit outs, including Bench Tops - Bull nosed or square edge, Custom Built Refrigeration Cabinets, exhaust canopies, sinks and splash backs, Handrails, Tool Boxes, component parts and brackets are all manufactured in-house. In essence we strive to cater for all needs, big and small."

"Our machinery and equipment needs to be reliable, accurate and versatile." said Mr Jackson. "We have 2 guillotines, several Press Brakes, 2 of which are CNC and were purchased from Haco. The ERM40150 and the ERMS30100 have proven to be reliable, accurate and easy to use. The graphical simulation of the bending sequence saves time and material. Easy setup and programming means that less time is wasted with the machine being idle. All up it means we can produce the one-offs quickly, and get back to the repetitive jobs sooner."


Haco Turret Punch

"Critical to our production process is our 2005 Model Haco Turret Punch, this machine allows us to easily and quickly manufacture components precisely. The Haco 212RH with rotating punching head is ideal for custom perforations or products that are of a repetitive nature. Our extensive tooling library in combination with our indexable punching head means we can produce a limitless range of holes, cut outs or shapes."

"The turret is also excellent for cutting out extra long stainless steel bench tops up to 7000mm long which we used to cut out by hand saving us time and most importantly money. Punched items are further processed into finished products with other equipment on our premises. The other processes rely on the accuracy of the Turret Punch for their finished accuracy. The Haco 212RH lives up-to our expectations." Mr Jackson states.


Innovative ideas and solutions

Mr Peterson, has been in the sheetmetal industry for over 8 years and manages the day to day functions as well as quoting, customer relations and design of jobs using CAD software. "Using the CAD software, allows us to come up with the innovative ideas and solutions. Of course we cannot know everything. That's when I rely on our suppliers to come up with solutions."

"Our first Haco machine fitted our needs perfectly and lived up to all expectations, when it was time to expand our capacity, the service and support that HACO Australia had supplied was a major factor in the decision of which machine brand to purchase. In 2005 after looking at other Turret Punching machines, it was the same story, to go with a quality, accurate and reliable machine, from HACO."

End products
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