Haco Australia

Why did Werkcon invest in a new Punching Machine?

"Actually we have three sections: we still have the roof and wall sheeting. We also make all façade profiles and the interior finishing; and with the interior finishing they often need unique accessories. To make these accessories we had to seek out other suppliers. That is how we came to the idea to purchase a punching machine. We had one from 1989 but, as we all we all know, they do wear out. We bought a 2nd one in 1997 and soon after that machine was also too small for our needs. Now we purchased the HACO Q5 which has capacity to meet our needs.

"Bending up to 70 mm"

"It’s much more than our old punching machine. This is more like a machine center. Because of the characteristics of the Haco Punching Machine, we can make the bend parts we need, containing  6 to 8 bends. The HACO Q5 is able to bend up to 70mm, this allows us more flexibility designing our products."

"Gaining time because of the indexable tools!"

"The tools are all indexable which is also very important. I no longer need to write a program and then turn tool 17 by 90 degrees. You just program away, it’s incredible.  Almost every other machine has 3, 4 or maybe 6 index stations, but not 20 like the HACO Q series. I think this is one of the biggest advantages. The time you gain by being able to index, makes the Q series superior.

Typical Werkcon end products made with the Q5

  • inschuifbevestigercd6027metwatermerk.jpg
  • kruisverbindervlakmetwatermerk.jpg
  • niveaugelijkverbindermetwatermerk.jpg

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