Haco Australia

If your project requires research and development, prototypes or custom fabrication, then Austec Industrial Engineering in Canberra are well equipped with machining and fabrication machinery to meet the most challenging projects.

Projects to date have included design and manufacture of a precast housing project in Brunei, telescope parts and enclosures for an Electro Optical System and a beautiful rainforest gully bridge for the National Botanical Gardens. In each instance, Austec has been involved in every stage of the project from design concept to installation.


“We are a custom shop, designing one-off products based on the client’s specifications or concept,” said Ivan Rusan, Austec’s CAD draftsman. “We get involved in complex projects, research and development and prototypes. To achieve that, our machine shop has the latest technology: we have three CNC milling machines, two CNC lathes one of which has live tooling, bandsaw and cold saws, and two Demmeler precision jigging tables.”

Outsourced cutting projects 

Projects in the past that required any precision cutting were outsourced for laser cutting in Sydney or Melbourne and then assembled into the final product. The idea of owning their own cutting machine had been in the back of the owners’ mind for around five years with the view to using the machine for urgent jobs that could not be quickly outsourced. In October 2013, the decision was made to purchase the Haco Kompakt 3015 CNC Plasma Cutting Machine with the Hypertherm HPR260Xd power source. The machine was installed and commissioned mid-January, 2014.

“Our plan was to use the plasma cutter for urgent jobs and outsource the jobs that we had forecasted,” said Ivan. “We never anticipated that it would be used for much more.” In the six months since the plasma cutting machine was installed, Austec have virtually stopped outsourcing any cutting requirements – urgent or forecasted.

Four hours per day!

“It has far exceeded our expectations. We now use the machine for at least four hours per day, cutting single prototypes or parts in the hundreds. Our whole approach to how we use our raw materials has changed too – all the sections of a product can be cut from one plate instead of welding pieces together that were produced either in-house or outsourced. The result is less manpower for welding, shorter lead times, less material wastage, greater efficiency and a more professional finish.

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The accuracy of the plasma cutter has more than met the needs of the company, while the Hypertherm HPR260Xd power source is more than capable of withstanding the demands of short burst work or constant use. Austec produce many of the designs on AutoCad software which is seamlessly transferred to the Haco software on the plasma cutter.

Switch in a matter seconds

“Austec needed a very compact machine, due to size restrictions in the factory. Several operators will be using the machine so it needs to be user friendly. The most important capability required by Austec was the ability to switch between different material types and thicknesses in a matter seconds. The combination of our operator control with the Hypertherm HPR260Xd power source made that possible,” said Kurt Bossuyt, Director, Haco Australia.

Ivan Rusan has one regret: that the company should have bought the plasma cutter five years ago!