Haco Australia

"Fabricate the final structures"

In any given week, the team at Pressform could be making fasteners, hinges, brackets, refractory hardware including mesh, clamps and valve lubrications fittings. “We can make just about anything in metal,” said Pressform’s managing director John R Worner. “We work with most alloys such as stainless steel, nickel, aluminium, copper and brass. The majority of our work is with stainless steel in plate and bar form. We need machinery that can cut and form the steel to enable us to fabricate the final structures for our clients.”


"With a plasma cutter, we can produce everything in-house"

To that end, Pressform have installed a punching machine, a guillotine and brake press from Haco Australia and most recently a plasma cutting machine.

“The installation of the plasma cutter has enabled us to be more productive and efficient,” said Jonathon Worner, sales & marketing manager for Pressform.

“In the past, fabricating parts would have been labour intensive and inefficient utilising the punching machines and guillotines, or in some instances outsourcing. With a plasma cutter, we can produce everything in-house and have control over the amount of material used – we often utilise offcuts to create smaller components.”


"An excellent clean and accurate cut at high speed"

According to Haco Australia’s Kurt Bossuyt, the addition of the plasma cutter will enable the company to improve productivity and efficient.

“Pressform really is a ‘one stop shop’ and the addition of a plasma cutter has enabled the company to improve turnaround times and flexibility."

"The Kompakt plasma cutter with Hypertherm 260XD automatic plasma source will ensure Pressform produce an excellent clean and accurate cut at high speed. In a market like Western Australia, the ability to meet the demand of a diverse range of industries can only be made possible with tools that work smarter, reduce inefficiencies and improve productivity.”