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Facilitate the workload

Riverina Allweld is a metal working and fabrication company based in Deniliquin in southern NSW. The majority of the company’s work is derived from government contracts for toolboxes for utility vehicles, framework for relocatable buildings and locally based general engineering projects. With a team of 15 welders and fabricators, the company relies on the Haco CNC Pressbrake, CNC Turret Punch, guillotine and notching machinery to facilitate the workload.

turret punching machine
Turret punch vents the metal

The Haco Q3 turret punch was chosen for its ability to provide variable depth punching – particularly important for the toolbox designs created by Riverina Allweld. “The turret punch is the best option for us,” said Mr Thomas.

“We needed the flexibility of the turret punch to tap holes and louver vents – three dimensional parts – that we were not able to do with a plasma or laser cutter."

"The software is flexible enough to consider the sheetmetal integrity to maximise strength whilst still allowing us to create a full sheet design.”

Any direction, any tool

Riverina Allweld has bought additional tooling and holders for the turret punch to cope with the regular change and variation in punching formats undertaken. By pre-loading the holders with the tools, the team have been able to interchange the tools far more rapidly. The 12 indexable heads that hold the tools allow the machine to cut in any direction with any tool, removing the need to have excess tools.

Software Haco
All products designed with HacoBend software

All the products are designed in-house utilising the HacoBend software. The program enables the team to design a 3D representation of the product, flatten and unfold the drawing for use in the turret punch and pressbrake. With the ability to calculate the bending allowance for the flat layout, the software provides the necessary accuracy to produce the components needed for the building framework and toolboxes.

Software updates and troubleshooting is enabled through remote access from Haco’s head office in Belgium – a significant advantage for companies that are in remote areas from city centres.

Quality service without question

Riverina Allweld now have the pressbrake and turret punch in regular use supported by the Haco guillotine and notching machines. The quality of the product and the support and service offered by Haco Australia has been second to none. “We originally bought the pressbrake based not only on price, but also on its ability to provide a higher finishing quality than other companies,” reflected Mr Thomas.

“The installation and after-sales service we received from Haco Australia provided the tipping point for our company to buy three more machines. We are 3.5 hours drive from Melbourne – it is vital for us to have quality service capabilities from our suppliers and Haco Australia has provided that without question.”

Loyalty resulting in government contracts

The machines have proved their worth to Riverina Allweld in providing the flexibility to design, construct components and build a final product for leading government contracts and general engineering projects. The service and support provided by Haco Australia have ensured that companies such as Riverina Allweld continue to be loyal to the quality of Haco machinery.

End products:
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