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The DRILLMASTER is a fully integrated MULTI spindle CNC controlled drilling line, designed for processing of beams and shaped rolled sections.

They can be executed with one, two or three drilling spindles. The CNC controlled In-feed conveyor will position the profiles thru the drilling station. The automatic hydraulic double jaw vice, will clamp the material in both horizontal and vertical position. The full option, three spindle machines are executed with an additional Z-axis allowing simultaneous and independent control of each individual spindle over 500mm stroke, without repositioning the beam, increasing flexibility and productivity.

High quality solutions

The Haco CNC Drilling and Cutting lines provide high quality solutions in manufacturing of beams and shaped rolled sections (Beams, Angles, flats, Channels,...). Used in major sectors such as General Steel Manufacturers, Bridge manufacturers, Tower manufacturers, Truck and Crane manufacturers, they offer greatly enhanced productivity, efficiency and reduced processing time in just one operation. All our Drilling lines can simultaneously drill, tap, scribe and mill and all spindles are standard manufactured with an Automatic tool changer. The optional CNC controlled horizontal bandsaw will cut your profiles to size.

Optional: Horizontal Bandsaw

The automatic Mitre cutting, Horizontal Bandsaw Machine, can be optionally integrated into the CNC system. It can mitre cut on a 45 degree left angle and 60 degree right angle. During the automated cutting process controlled via the DRILLMASTER operator control, the material is fed through the machine. For a straight cut, the machine will automatically start cutting after the feeder has reached the required position. For a mitre cut, the large CNC controlled turn table, driven by a servo motor, will turn the table to the desired cutting angles.