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Well engineered, robust steelworkers, built for a long working life

These universal machines are supplied with standard tooling including repetition support tables at punch, shear and notch stations and with easily adjusted holddowns at all five work stations to safely control the operations.

Comprehensive safety guards are fitted as standard on all work stations. Free standing on a suitable floor, they just require electrical connection to be ready for work.

Two shielded foot controls

For two operator utilisation, the hydraulic system is activated by two shielded foot controls,one operating the punch end cylinder, the other operating the shear end cylinder. The shear cylinder provides the power to the three shearing and the notch stations.


Low maintenance

On the cutting station, angle iron can be cut on every angle from 45º up to 90º, both internal and external, without any adaptations to the machine.

Flanges from larger angle-iron can be mitre cut with the shear. Moreover, the machines are equipped with centralised pressure lubrication - being one feature of the low maintenance requirements.

Extensive range of standard equipment

The universal steelworkjers are delivered with an extensive range of standard equipment, such as large heavy-duty tables on the punch-, shear-, and notching station. Easy adjustable holddowns to enable production in a safe and accurate way are fitted on every station. Free standing on suitable floor, they just need electrical connection to be ready to work.


Punch station
The large punch bed area has a removable front block and is designed to give a very wide range of punching applications. A punch table with rules and guides for repetition work are fitted as standard equipment.


Angle station
This station provides large capacity angle cutting at 90° and 45°. Angles between 45° and 90° can be achieved by first cutting at 90° and then fl ange trimming to the required angle in the shearing station.


Section cutting station
The machines are fi tted as standard with blades for cutting round and square bars.
With extra equipment, the machines are able to cut, in this aperture, channel, joist, T-section and many other special profiles.


The shearing unit is fitted with a simple robust holddown which is adjustable to any thickness of material within the cutting capacity of the machine. The shear feed table with adjustable guides is fitted to allow accurate feeding of materials. The guide can be adjusted to allow mitre cutting up to 45° for fl t bars or to trim the fl anges of angle.


Notching station
The notching station is fi tted as standard with a rectangular notch table with adjustable back stops, allowing repetitive positioning.